Featuring our Stilla Rug, Stilla Pouf, Globe Vase & Motum Leather Cushion


No doubt with the release of Pantone’s colour of the year, Greenery; a ‘refreshing and revitalising’ colour, ‘symbolic of new beginnings,’ that green was going to be a hit in the interiors world.

However, instead of the trend solely being Pantone Greenery, all tones and shades of green (in combination also), have really forced their way to the forefront. I personally am most taken with the emerald and forest greens, especially for winter. They bring a jewel-toned richness to any space whilst still maintaining a sense of freshness.

Try out our Stilla teardrop rug and pouf, Motum leather cushion and globe vase in forest, to add that fantastic pop of greenery in your home!


Stilla Forest Wool Rug

Stilla Forest Velvet Pouf

Motum Leather Cushion

Globe Vase Medium