Design specifically tailored to sell


Forget bland and boring show-homesque. To maximize your sales potential, we identify an appropriate cohesive style tailored to your home and the buyer demographic. Rather than just dressing your home to look pretty, we deliberately create a specific flavour designed to inspire the target audience for the best possible outcome.

Bespoke Service

Unique Designer Furnishings


Having our own interior design store, we have the advantage of being able to select from an amazing collection of beautiful imported on-trend designs, many of which are cool iconic pieces, to enliven your home in a fresh, uniquely interesting way.

Less is more


Whether we dress the home to portray elegance and sophistication or relaxed country living, the aim is to deliver an understated approach. By highlighting the positives, buyers can readily envisage themselves in the home. Often this involves editing the owner’s own furnishings. Even though your own style may be gorgeous, we suggest ways to refine the decor to ensure it instantly appeals to potential buyers.


Seasonal Moods


In winter, we add deeper colours and textures to create warmth while in summer a lighter, softer approach provides a cooler ambiance.

Professional Interior Design Expertise


A collaboration between professional interior designers with a big reputation and a seasoned high profile real estate expert assure an ability to read a home more astutely with the end result clearly in mind. Not only do we have the benefit of insider knowledge from both professions, we have also bought and sold numerous properties ourselves so we understand the experience from both sides.


Thorough Real Estate Knowledge


From the planning to the installation and removal, we treat you with kid gloves giving you our full attention to reward you with
a journey you will enjoy.