This trend is all about natural elements being used together. Think gorgeous organic ceramics, jute rugs, woven comforters and linen bedding and you’ll be spot on with this look. The colour palette includes our favourites of off whites, soft creams and a spectrum of greys that builds to include dark slate and earthy warmth.

We are forever lovers of texture and it is bigger than ever right now! Furniture and accessories have a natural, handmade feel with highlights on materials such a rattan and wicker. Textiles take a playful role also, with raw edges and appliqué details to fresh linen and cotton – yummy to the touch!

“We’ll continue to see handmade ceramics dominate home accessories. In our tech-driven world, we all need handmade pieces in our lives! I expect to see these objects become even larger and more sculptural than before and in alluring, matte glazes.”
—Peter Dunham

Get the look:

Monet Rattan Chair

Ay Illuminate Black Sisal Pendant Shade

Kasuri Comforter – Bianca Lorenne

Zig Zag Rug

Pipe Vase

Linen Paris Sofa